Hey there, are you an artist? Want to sell some prints with us?

It’s fast and it’s free. It’s super easy to upload your work for sale, and it’s risk free.

You control the rights to your work. Plus we’re non-exclusive, which means you can exhibit and sell the same works through other galleries and platforms.

We‘re global. While other websites sell North American artworks to North American buyers we’re truly international — we have artists from 200 different cities, including international art hubs as well as intriguing and unexpected regions. Most of our buyers are in Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania. We are based in Hong Kong, the vertical metropolis and melting pot of global cultures. We find audiences for your work across continents. Hong Kong is the world’s third largest art market.

We come from a design background and we understand artists. We think design is the differentiating factor for bringing the art industry into the future. We’ve been doing this for a while now, our sister website Mischmasch launched in 2008 and we’ve been selling art on the internet since 2010. Our team includes two Rhode Island School of Design alumni.

The artist gets 70% of net profit — after the cost of printing and handling.

We’ve made a calculator for you to see how much you’d get for each print size. You have the final say on how much you want to list the prints for, but please note our minimum, maximum and recommended prices. Select each size and enter your ideal selling price. You’ll see this calculator again on the Upload page.

Print Size Selling Price You Get
Postcard (5.00x8.00in) $
Minimum: $8
Recommended: $8
Maximum: $12
Small (8.50x11.00in) $
Minimum: $22
Recommended: $35
Maximum: $50
Medium (12.00x17.00in) $
Minimum: $48
Recommended: $60
Maximum: $80
Large (17.00x22.00in) $
Minimum: $70
Recommended: $95
Maximum: $150
X-Large (24.00x33.00in) $
Minimum: $170
Recommended: $195
Maximum: $220

Last updated: March 12, 2016

Yes, but we’ll be limiting price changes once per month so they don’t fluctuate too much.

Output. The output for prints is 300dpi. Scanned originals come out the best, so if your original artwork is A4 size scan it at 600dpi to be printed at A2 size. Some artworks simply won’t look good in large format so the large sizes won’t be available. We double check files as we receive them. You can photograph the artwork using a digital camera (anything over 8 megapixels should work), we recommend using soft, natural lighting.

Cropping. Crop the image so that there’s no border around it.

File type. A lossless original (TIFF or PSD file) is best but JPGs are okay.

Color management. Keep your files as RGB. If your files are in CMYK convert them to RGB.

Have more questions about file preparation? Send us an email: help@eatyourstew.com

You can track which prints have sold and when in My Account. We transfer payment to artists using Paypal, on the 1st of each month.

No one else can download or access your high res images. When you upload a file it is automatically converted to a screen resolution image for the website and the original is kept safe on our servers and accessed only when orders are received.

We find that it helps if you post your Stew profile link to your personal website, social media or tell friends about it. It’s a joint effort to connect and reach the people who love the kind of art that we all care about.

Have more questions? Go to the FAQ page or contact us.