Stew is the pivotal source to buy and sell museum quality fine art prints by young, witty artists around the world.

Our Philosophy

While the popular tagline “art for everyone” sounds like a noble cause, we believe it doesn’t quite express the nuances of art enthusiasts in the digital era. The internet makes us nichier and quirkier everyday, while art asserts the eccentricity in people.

Stew also discourages the idea of online art marketplaces, our site is as much about connecting artists and their audience as it is about the acquisition of art. Our goal is to bring back the notion of patronage, we believe art has the unique ability to connect two people across the world that have the same ideals and values in life.

What kind of art is featured on Stew?

Our favorite works have the perfect blend of odd and whimsical. Stew is a showcase of young witty artists who are thoughtful, analytical, and have a lot to say about how we live today. Poignant social commentary and complex ideas are expressed as amusing, satirical and lighthearted scenarios. These ideas are rooted in everyday life and can be understood across all cultures. Stew users are able to discover art and community in unexpected regions around the world.

How does it work?

Artists create a profile and upload their work then we produce them and ship them to buyers on their behalf. We use only the best quality printing techniques and archival inks on 100% cotton, acid free paper. Prints are produced, packaged and shipped worldwide within 3 working days. The artist gets 70% net profit for each sale. Wondering how to sell on Stew? Go to our Seller’s Guide.